SUBMIT work, that both you and we would be proud to publish, by way of our submission manager. And if you have the time, please consider reporting your submission at Duotrope. We will try to respond as quickly as possible, sometimes that is 90 days, sometimes that is less than 90 minutes.

WORDS, they're what makes a journal work. We are looking for quality works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that examine, poke, prod and otherwise deal with sport or games. That said, our thematic niche can mean different things to different people, and we'd enjoy seeing your unique take on the topic.

AESTHETICS wise, we'd encourage you to read a past issue, a piece on our site, or check out the wonderful work (in similarly themed issues) at Hobart and The Southern Review (and more recently the Under Review and Cartridge Lit) or the serious sports writing that has historically taken place at the likes of The Classical and Grantland (may ye both rest in peace) - basically, we enjoy great writing.

FORMAT, please use proper manuscript format, Times or something like that works font-wise, and please attach your work as a .docx file if possible.

DEADLINES are neither here nor there.

THE GIST is that we welcome submissions from writers of all ilks: published, unpublished, emerging and hermits. If we love your submission and your submission loves us (i.e. yay, your work has been accepted), then we ask for First Electronic and non-exclusive Archival Rights.