The breathless building of dry-
mouthed determination grows with each 
cardioed mile. Usurpation of yesterday's 
completed goal is the only acceptable success.
Quick splash of revitalization, bizarre blue
sports drink, unrecognizable flavor, sends me
to the racks. Leg-day squats, increase weight 
and reps. Break parallel. Again, again, 
again. Quiver of exhaustion begins in calves, 
rises slowly, forced back down with the bile
threatening to erupt. Swallow hard, 
one more set seals the day.

A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida.  She has previously published six collections of poetry all available on Amazon.comShe has also published her work in numerous national and international literary journals.  Most recently, she has accepted the position as editor for six online poetry journals for Kind of a Hurricane Press (  Find more about A.J. Huffman, including additional information and links to her work at Facebook and  Twitter.