A Well-worn BaseballTitle: The Fugitive
Author: Charlie Coleman
Category: Fiction

Perchance, perchance to dream, perchance to dream of that elusive little creature, that evasive sphere of milk white beauty adorned lovingly with braids of crimson red. Continuously, despite my constant enterprise, she rebukes capture.
     When you least expect it she appears with little or no warning.   Proving to be fiercely Independent and possessing a strong sense of self-determination, she arrives blistering like a bullet or prancing like a marionette in the clutches of a master puppeteer. Sometimes she cuts an aggressive  path and is difficult to corral. At other times she languishes through the air and is amenable to surrender, just not to me. She crosses flirtatiously ever so close leaving behind her a trail of seductive rosin kissing the air. Despite her fickleness , she is always welcome.
     She’s capricious.  She lands where she chooses as suits her whims.  There are those diminutive in physical and chronological nature that I tower over who have succeeded.  There are those whose faces reflect the sunrise and sunset of numerous brilliant diamond careers who have not achieved her favor.  If it pleases her she will dance past those of fine threads and favor those whose threads are worn fine.
     I’ve wooed her in the starry skies of Los Angeles, the anonymity of New York and the heat of Arizona.  Location has not diminished her aloofness nor assisted my endeavor.  Laboring in numerous crusades in various venues in quiet frustration I’ve embraced  failure as my everlasting friend.  
     I fear that she will be eternally elusive.

Charlie Coleman is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He has been published in Pulp Metal Magzine and The Subway Chronicles among other venues.