lustreTitle: The Light in Coach Morgan's Office
Author: Mark S. Bacon
Category: Fiction

Coach Morgan retreated into his office, slapping the hanging light fixture as he went by.   The lamp, seven feet above the floor, was his surrogate punching bag.
Slumped at his desk, he scanned his roster.  When he'd played college hoops, Morgan always wanted to coach high school basketball.  But five years of losing seasons and talent-starved squads were discouraging.
     "Coach, that transfer sophomore's here," said an assistant.
     What's the point? Morgan thought.  "Okay, send him in."
     When Morgan heard the bang, he looked up to see a muscular young man holding his forehead where he'd hit it on the lamp.

Mark S. Bacon is an independent writer most recently a regular contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle.   He's the author of three business books and many newspaper and magazine articles.  This story appears in Bacon's Cops, Crooks and Other Stories, a forthcoming ebook of 100-word fiction.